A Nigga and a White

  I started a new book the other day called Caucasia. I was only a few pages in when a line hit me. One of the main characters was reminiscing about a turbulent time when racial tensions were high and quoted this chant “A fight, a fight a nigga and a white” That line had me pause…… Continue reading A Nigga and a White


Obsessed with hair-What I’ve learned since Afro puffs

By the time I went natural the second time around I was working full time with a lot of young black girls. Some of them were really angry that I cut my hair. They had met me when I was natural but had loved my hair when it got relaxed and gotten used to it over…… Continue reading Obsessed with hair-What I’ve learned since Afro puffs


Afro Puffs and Blowouts (part 3)

So I did it. I envisioned waking up in the morning to lustrous curls and easily picking out my hair to perfection. One of my friends tried to talk me out of it. I just didn’t see the big deal. Didn’t she understand? I wasn’t straightening it or anything… I still wanted my fro…just an…… Continue reading Afro Puffs and Blowouts (part 3)

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Afro Puffs and Blowouts (part 2)

I was standing in front of the mirror and staring at my new growth. I had just washed my hair. It was dark, shiny and was trying to hold a wave except my straight hair wouldn’t let it. My straight hair was now hopeless. It just surrounded my head like a thin halo and this…… Continue reading Afro Puffs and Blowouts (part 2)


Afro Puffs and Blowouts

I cut my hair without really knowing what to expect. Back when I first went natural I only had kindergarten pictures to remind me of what my hair looked like before it had been chemically straightened at age six. I saw pictures of what looked like a wispy soft fro pulled into tight puffs. The escaping hairs…… Continue reading Afro Puffs and Blowouts