Why “For Black Girls”

For some people the very mention of blackness and all the things associated with it can cause some eye rolling. Why do we still need to talk about colour in 2016? Can’t we just forget about our differences? Slavery happened so long ago can’t we just move on and be colour blind. No we can’t…… Continue reading Why “For Black Girls”

Home remedies

Curing Acne With Ginger

Before I tell you what I’ve discovered I just want to start off by saying I have done a lot of things to help my skin. I suffered with acne as a teen and adult. I’ve gone to dermatologists, gotten injections, used proactive, read books, light/radiation therapy, vitamin A creme etc. The best benefits I’ve had…… Continue reading Curing Acne With Ginger


A woman’s “place”

I had to get this off of my chest. Having just finished writing a book for young black women I know I’ll have to get used to people outside of my circle of friends knowing what I think. Thank you to those that have been reading my blogs, sharing and supporting me with your encouragement.…… Continue reading A woman’s “place”


Black men + white women = black women bashing

If you’ve read the rest of this series you might be wondering what all this talk of black men with white women has to do with being a black girl. Well it does effect us black girls for a few obvious reasons. We’ve seen the pictures of prominent black men who date and marry white…… Continue reading Black men + white women = black women bashing