“Take The Kinks Out of Your Mind Not Your Hair”

Black men need to be included in the conversation of beauty because as someone so beautifully articulated on twitter” the same message black women get that they are not beautiful black boys get that black women are ugly” and its wreaking havoc on relationships. We need to do a better job of reminding little black boys they are handsome , their brown hues, rounded noses, naps, kinks and curls included. Thus putting them in a position to love themselves and help affirm black women if need be.



Growing up, I never knew what to do with my hair. It was long, but I felt it was super course and “nappy” so at a young age I resorted to putting it back into a ponytail. My earliest memories of my hair are full of pain and shame. I remember my mother straightening my…… Continue reading “Nappy”