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I’ve been a black girl all of my life. These opinions are solely my own and I don’t expect that they will reflect all black girls everywhere BUT I do believe that there will be many shared thoughts and experiences from many cultures and colours. Feel free to drop a comment if my stories and thoughts resonate with you.


Nana Abraham is the author of “For Black Girls” a coming of age mentorship book that discusses identity, family relationships, health, and beauty while encouraging decision making, visioning, and goal setting for the future. Nana shares from her own life experiences growing up as a proud ‘Torontonian’ with West African roots.

Nana earned her B.A in psychology from York University in 2002 and has spent the last 15 years actively mentoring young women in many capacities. Currently she works as a child and youth worker for The Scott Mission in the heart of Toronto. Her focus has been youth from one of Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods. She has served them through after school programs, assisting their success in the classroom and organizing retreats and outings. Nana has designed leadership-in-training curriculums for The Scott Mission Camp and for their inner city programs. In addition she has volunteered and worked within the Toronto District School Board in different capacities during the last 20 years, giving support to students.

She has a passion for literacy and education, she also enjoys blogging and telling stories. She wants to see an entire generation take charge of their future. Her first book, For Black Girls, is only the beginning.

Is now available on Amazon.ca and Barnes and Noble for purchase in hardcover, paperback and Ebook!


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